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Stalon W110 hunting silencer
Stalon WM145 hunting silencer
Mounted Stalon compact hunting silencer
Stalon compact - Mounted hunting silencer

Our hunting silencers: A Presentation

Our silencers are primarily made of aluminium. All of our models can be disassembled and are reflex in type, i.e. they mostly sit back over the barrel to reduce the weight at the front. One of the advantages of this reflex construction is that you gain two support points instead of one, which means that the silencer is mounted securely. Our silencers are market leaders in terms of weight, performance and barrel extension, and

are primarily intended for hunting weapons.

We are continually working to develop our silencers so that they become even better. Each new prototype is first tested carefully by us in hunting situations and on the shooting range, ensuring that it’s truly up to scratch before being introduced to you, the end user. We also check the sound levels of each prototype with our sound measurement equipment.

We offer a two-year warranty against any manufacturing defects on all of our silencers.

Using a silencer eliminates the muzzle blast that occurs in front of the barrel, which reduces noise significantly. However, it is impossible to reduce the sound of the shot itself, because in most cases the shot is faster than the speed of sound. As a result, no silencer will be completely silent, but the crack of the shot will be significantly reduced.

The silencer parts are surface-treated in a process known as anodising – a type of surface treatment which creates a very durable, easy-to-care-for surface. The inside of a silencer is exposed to a very corrosive environment. Through anodising, the silencer material is well-protected against this corrosion.

The baffles that are exposed to the most extreme heats are reinforced with stainless steel, to further ensure longevity. Anodising also ensures that the silencer can be taken apart after a period of use. The silencers are blasted before this surface treatment to prevent reflections.

We provide most kinds of threads for an optimal fit for your weapon. Silencers are available with the following threads:

Assembly instructions for weapon technicians can be found here.

Stalon silencers are threaded internally and the baffles are screwed into the tube and fixed in place with an extremely heat-resistant adhesive. This means that the molecular changes that occur as a result of welding – known as a HAZ-zone (Heat Affected Zone) – are avoided.

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Test winner, hunting journal Jaktjournalen’s silencer test, no. 6/2015

The W110 hunting silencer was the winner in Jaktjournalen’s 2015 silencer test, with the W145 model ranking second.

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