Stalon W145

Stalon W145 silencer for hunting rifels

The Stalon W145 offers even better noise reduction than its little brother, the Stalon W110. Its weight has dropped from 510 g to about 440 g, and the extension has been reduced by 15 mm compared to the previous model. At the same time, we have managed to improve performance by approximately 1 dBc.

With a mere 145 mm extension of the weapon and its light weight, the Stalon W145 is a very smart, balanced silencer with an optimal feel.

The Stalon W145 is manufactured from calibres .22 up to .45.  This silencer is best suited to the hunter who wants optimum noise reduction and exceptional recoil dampening. Its full potential, however, is best exploited in calibres between .308 and 8 mm. Thanks to its extra-long front part, the Stalon W145 boasts extremely high noise reduction performance. Independent tests have proven the earlier version of this model to be one of the most effective silencers on the Swedish market.

The silencer is reflex in type, which means that 130 mm of the silencer sits back over the barrel, with the remaining 145 mm extending forward. The rear part of the silencer is enclosed, meaning that the barrel never comes into contact with propellant gases.

The Stalon W145 is designed to work on barrels with an outer diameter of 13-23 mm without requiring any special adaptation. Fluted or angular barrels are no problem, thanks to the enclosed rear chamber.

Stalon W145 is manufactured with a wide variety of threads.

  • 1/2-20 unf
  • 1/2-28 unef
  • M12x1
  • M13x1
  • M14x1
  • M14x1,5
  • M15x1
  • M15x1,5
  • M16x1
  • 5/8-24 unef
  • M17x1
  • M18x1

Other threads can be manufactured on request.

The W Series

Regardless what kind of hunting you pursue, the size and weight of your equipment is crucial. We have kept this in mind when developing our new Stalon W series of models. 

Stalon W combines pressure, height differences and vortex technology in a unique way, resulting in extremely effective sound insulation. Thanks to its unique design with double/triple-acting baffles, shock waves are reduced over several stages.

All of the Stalon W series silencers are compatible with earlier Whisper models, making it easy to move fronts and accessories between new and older silencer models.

Supplementing the silencer with additional fronts makes it possible to use a single silencer with different weapons and calibres. Additional fronts are licence-free and thus require no extra police handling.

All Stalon W models are of course compatible with most types of semi-automatics. In order for the weapon to reload, the reloading pressure needs to be adjusted. Contact us or your nearest dealer for more information regarding silencers on semi-automatic rifles.