Sound measurement and testing

Stalon silencers undergo sound measurement tests using class 1 measuring instruments (Larson Davis) in accordance with current standards, which involves measuring the sound at 90 degrees and 1 m to the left of the muzzle. This means that the noise will drop by a further 8-10dB by the time it reaches the shooter’s ear. Our tests show that the silencer value is up to 28 dB, depending on the calibre of the weapon.

We have conducted comparative tests with other silencers available on the Swedish market, none of which achieved more than a 25dB reduction in the sound pressure level.

We have deliberately chosen to exclude silencers that extend the barrel by more than 19 cm because we believe that these silencers are not suitable for hunting; they extend the gun too much.

In our tests, we use only factory-loaded ammunition (Norma Jaktmatch), for accurate results. Certain types of factory ammunition perform erratically and hand-loaded ammunition is difficult to compare.

We believe that it is important to be able to refer to results gleaned when using standard ammunition that the average hunter is likely to use when shooting.

To be able to guarantee high quality and a product that’s up to scratch, all of our silencers are thoroughly tested before they reach the market.