Neoprene cover

Stalon silencer forest camouflage neopren cover
Stalon silencer white camouflage neopren cover
Stalon silencer black neopren cover

A neoprene is a silencer accessory cover that reduces scraping sounds and delays any mirage from the rifle barrel. Neoprene Covers are available in the following colours: Black, Winter Camouflage and Autumn Camouflage.

The neoprene covers are adapted to fit the following silencer models: Stalon Compact, Stalon Whisper and Stalon Whisper Magnum. Indicate the desired colour and model when ordering.

Because neoprene has an ability to insulate heat, it can be difficult to determine when the silencer reaches a critical temperature.

We therefore recommend that you check the number of shots that can be fired with a particular weapon and silencer in advance, before the silencer’s critical heat level is reached. The silencer (without any neoprene cover) should never be so hot that it can’t be held with bare hands.

At high temperatures, the cover’s elastic properties can be limited.


NEW Product

Neoprene cover with strong Cordura reinforcement to reduce heat shimmer when shooting.
Strengthened ends with even better fitting and durability.
Colours: Black

Available our most common Stalon models: