Silencer Accessories

Good accessories will lengthen a silencer’s lifespan and reduce wear. The accessories we offer are specially designed and adapted for our products.

A neoprene cover is a silencer accessory used both to minimise scraping sounds and delay any mirage. The neoprene cover fits our Stalon Compact, Stalon W110, Stalon W145, and Stalon WM110 silencers. Simply indicate which model it is intended for when ordering.

We have also developed a customised mounting paste that can withstand high pressures and retains its lubricating properties even at very high temperatures. There are easily mounted sights for Stalon Compact and the Stalon W series.

In addition, we offer other accessories such as bushings, gas valves, thread protectors and additional fronts so that your silencer can be fitted to weapons of different calibres.


Accessories for our silencers are of course available to buy from our dealers throughout Sweden.