Stalon RC Silencer

Stalon RC, Front mounted silencer developed for hunting and shooting with rimfire cartridges, from cal. .17 to cal. .22.
With a minimal diameter of only 30mm, extremely low weight and outstanding performance for standard .17-.22 cartridges, Stalon RC is an obvious choice for e.g. .17hmr and .22lr.


Key features:

  • Sound reduction, -21,8dBc (.22lr)
  • Minimal extension of rifle, 105mm
  • Extremely low weight, 78gram
  • Removable core for e.g. cleaning
  • Front mounted design
  • Excellent durability

Stalon RC (Rimfire Core) is developed for rimfire cartridges up to .22 lr. RC is extremely small and lightweight, adapted for the smaller calibers, Stalon RM is built with a removable core that can be dismantled by hand for e.g. cleaning and maintenance. Stalon RC is ideally suited for most hunting and shooting styles thanks to its extremely light and flexible design.

Stalon RC is a front-mounted silencer, which means that the overall length and weight are mounted in front of the muzzle. A front-mounted silencer can be mounted despite any original open sight on the rifle, in addition, the silencer can be mounted without taking into account the distance between the muzzle and the forend of the rifle. Length in front of muzzle: 105mm.

RC fits most calibers between cal. .17 to cal. .22. However, the silencer is developed for the lighter charges (not the magnum), such as: .17 hmr, .22 long, .22lr.
Stalon RC is the smaller and lighter model from the RIMFIRE-Series for rimfire cartridges with aluminum thread.
For more powerful / magnum cartridges such as: .17 Win super mag, .22WMR or similar we recommend the more powerful Stalon RM.

The RIMFIRE series consists of two models with varying length, weight and sound reduction adapted for all types of charges (magnum and standard). Both models are front mounted, which means that they are only mounted in front of the muzzle, no part of the silencer goes telescopically over the barrel. RM is developed for more powerful charges (magnum) while RC is adapted for standard charges.

Technical data:


Front mounted with removable core

Sound reduction / Attenuation:

-21,8dBc (.22lr)



Total length:


Length (extending):


Length (over barrel):




Available calibers:

4,5-5,6mm (.17-.22)

Available threads:

Fixed aluminium thread: 1/2"-20 or 1/2"-28

Max barrel diameter:

not specified, the model is front mounted and is not affected by the barrel diameter


Matt black

Material (external):

Anodized high-quality aluminium

Material (internal):

Baffles: anodized high-quality aluminium
Core (first baffle): anodized high-quality aluminium
Thread: anodized high-quality aluminium


Together with every silencer delivered from Stalon follows a 2-year warranty. A promise that if something during the manufacturing process of your silencer failed, we will take care of and correct it.
However, if the silencer has been damaged due to mishandling, careless usage or just from an accident, the warranty cannot be applied for repairs.
Even if the warranty does not apply, we want to help you, and of course for a decent price.

*Service, repairs and other procedures can only be made by Stalon AB or by Stalon authorized service workshop.