Gasregulator, Sauer 303

Stalon Gasregulator for Sauer 303 adjusts the gas pressure for use of silencer on semi-automatic rifles.


Stalon Gasregulator for Sauer 303 adjusts the gas pressure for use of silencer on semi-automatic rifles.

When you mount a silencer on a semi-automatic weapon, the reloading gas pressure will increase. This gas valve makes the gas pressure adjustable for use of a silencer.


Gas regulator for Sauer 303

Remove original gas valve from the gas block of the rifle and clean any loctite left inside the gas block

Insert Stalon adjustable gas valve into the gas block. When thighten the screw, make sure that none of the gas evacuation holes are pointing towards the barrel.
The gas evacuation holes are guided with three dotted markings. If necessary use the supplied spacers to change the position of the gas evacuation holes. The optimal position of the gas valve is if the adjusting screw is pointing to the right of shooting direction.

Make sure that the adjusting screw is full opened on the gas valve before continuing to the next step.

Be gentle when you remount the front end of your rifle, make sure that the gas valve does not touch any parts of the front end, minium distance to gas valve should never be less than 3mm.
If you have a wooden gunstock you have to grind out about 15mm from the front part to make room for the gas valve and the high pressure evacuation gases.

shoot the rifle and adjust the screw clock-wise at a maximum of 90 degrees at each time until your rifle is throwing the empty shells 90 degrees straight out from the rifle.

At too high gas pressure the rifle will reload to hard and throw the empty shells forward. A high gas pressure is the most common problem in reloading failures.
At too low gas pressure the rifle will reload slowly and throw the empty shells backwards. This might cause problems with locking of the bolt.

Please contact us if you need guidance when mounting a gas regulator or consult an authorized gun smith.



Technical data:

The products contains:

1 pcs Gas regulator for Sauer 303

Suitable for:

Weapon Sauer 303






Stainless steel






Together with every silencer delivered from Stalon follows a 2-year warranty. A promise that if something during the manufacturing process of your silencer failed, we will take care of and correct it.
However, if the silencer has been damaged due to mishandling, careless usage or just from an accident, the warranty cannot be applied for repairs. Even if the warranty does not apply, we want to help you, and of course for a decent price.

*Service, repairs and other procedures can only be made by Stalon AB or by Stalon authorized service workshop.