Conical barrel support, X-Series

Conical barrel support for X-series provides an extra support against the barrel and creates a streamlined appearance between the weapon barrel and the silencer. Originally developed for easier pick up of weapon from a holster backpacks.


Key Features:

  • Smooth and nice design
  • Improves design of any X-Series
  • Suitable for X-series
  • Manufactured in durable composite
  • Extra support point against the barrel

Conical barrel support for X-series gives the same support to the barrel as the standard barrel support. The conical barrel support is developed mainly for easier picking up of the weapon from a holster backpack, but it is much more common that it is used as a "modification" to get a nice and soft transition between silencer and weapon barrel.

Conical barrel support for X-series is an alternative to the standard barrel support and replaces its function. The conical barrel support creates a streamlined appearance between the weapon and the silencer, a very appreciated appearance of our users.
The conical barrel support was originally developed for holster backpacks, in order to be able to easily pick up the weapon without getting stuck with the silencer in the backpack.


Conical barrel support
The conical barrel support is mounted directly on the rear of the silencer. Before mounting the conical barrel support, it needs to be adapted to the specific weapon. The "hole" in the barrel supprt should always be 0,5-0,7mm larger than the barrel diameter, note that the dimension of the barrel should be measured where the conical barrel support is positioned when the silencer is mounted: X108 / X149 = approx: 127mm measured from the muzzle of the barrel, XE108 / XE149 = approx: 162mm measured from the muzzle of the barrel.

When the accessory is adapted to the weapon, it is ready to be mounted in the rear of the silencer, the standard barrel supprt on the silencer needs to be removed before mounting the conical barrel support.
Secure the conical barrel support only by hand.

Install the silencer with the conical barrel support and check that the adjustment is OK, the barrel support sholud not touch the barrel at any point.

IMPORTANT: A barrel support that touches the barrel and/or is stuck affects the barrel in a bad way and the point of impact / precision is limted.

Technical data:

The products contains:

1 pcs conical barrel support

Suitable for:

Stalon X-Series


Diameter: 45mm, Length incl. thread: 23mm, visible length excl. thread: 20mm




Base material: durable black composite






Together with every silencer delivered from Stalon follows a 2-year warranty. A promise that if something during the manufacturing process of your silencer failed, we will take care of and correct it.
However, if the silencer has been damaged due to mishandling, careless usage or just from an accident, the warranty cannot be applied for repairs. Even if the warranty does not apply, we want to help you, and of course for a decent price.

*Service, repairs and other procedures can only be made by Stalon AB or by Stalon authorized service workshop.