1. Why Stalon silencers?

Silencer is an excellent tool for all situations and especially for hunting. As the name (silencer) suggests, they reduce the sound to a much more comfortable level.
Stalon silencers are market leading products in terms of a great performance versus overall weight and size.
Our silencers are developed with a accurate balance between efficiency, size and durability.
All of our models are designed to make your hunting and shooting experience as good as possible.

Benefits of a Stalon silencer:
1. Outstanding sound reduction.
2. Reduces recoil up to 50%.
3. Easy and small without compromising durability.
4. Minimal maintenance and care.

2. What silencer suits me?

It is important that the silencer fits your weapon and your caliber. Our dealers are experts and will be happy to help you with your choice of model.
If you want to learn more and compare yourself, you could follow our recommendations in the product guide, see link below.

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3. How do I clean and maintain the silencer?
Stalon silencers are basically maintenance-free, there are plenty of more or less working cleaning methods, unfortunately none of them are 100% effective.

Our recommendations for maintaining power and quality in the products for a very long time are simple!

1. Unscrew the silencer from the weapon when storing it.
2. Store the silencer standing with the opening (front) facing downwards and if possible with the golden ring downwards to let any moisture/water kept inside to pour out and/or evaporate.
3. a few times during the season it may be good idea to clean the "bore" with a brass brush or similar.
4. Clean the thread on the barrel and if possible, in the silencer, lubricate the threads with "Stalon silencer grease" when needed.
5. Enjoy the simplicity.


4. How many rounds can i shoot through a Stalon silencer?

Practice shooting, and especially if you have a new silencer i important. You should always be 100% confident shooting your equipment.
Along with the importance of practice shooting, it is also very important that you know our recommendations before shooting.

1. Never push the silencer above 250 degrees Celsius. (The temperature determines how many shots you can shoot, this varies greatly between caliber, charge, barrel length and in some cases the air temperature around you.)
2. Make sure that the silencer is firmly attached to the thread before practice starts. This imporves your accuracy and prevents the silencer from unscrewing itself when shooting. (The consequence of a loose-fitted silencer may result in worst case that the rifle or silencer is damaged.)
3. In case of long-term and/or intensive shooting, we recommend that the barrel support are removed. (The barrel support is made of a composite material and can soften or melt at high temperatures.)

5. Can i shoot without hearing protection with a Stalon silencer?

Hearing protection or not, is really a matter of experience, flexibility and of course sound level.
The important thing is that you use some form of sound-reducing equipment (read: silencer or hearingprotection)
We have gathered information and comparisons so that you can make as good decision as possible, the choice to shoot without hearing protection or not, is entirely up to you.

Rifle in caliber .308 with a barrel length of 51cm: ~ 167.9 dB (C)
Rifle in caliber .22LR with a barrel length of 56cm: ~ 143.2 dB (C)
Stalon W110 in caliber .308: ~ 132.9 dB (C) from shooters left ear.
Stalon VICTOR in caliber .308: ~ 133.3 dB (C) from shooters left ear.
Hearing protection for hunting in .308: ~ 139.9 dB (C)
Firm hand clabbing, 1 m from the instrument: ~ 123.7 dB (C)

It is very difficult to determine with the above comparisons how high or how low the sound levels are, it have to be experienced.
The EU (European Union) has established a directive for a safe "working environment" in noisy environments. When develop our products we always take these levels ​​(137 dB (C)) into account to.

EU Directive:
“... minimum requirements for the protection of workers from risks to their health and safety arising or likely to arise from exposure to noise ... Three distinct levels are defined for continuous and impulse noise:
1) The lower exposure action values:    continuous noise: LEX,8h = 80 dB(A)     impulse noise: ppea k= 112 Pa (Lpeak = 135 dB(C)).   The employer has to make available individual hearing protectors to the employees.
2) The upper exposure action values:    continuous noise: LEX,8h = 85 dB(A)    impulse noise: ppeak = 140 Pa (Lpeak = 137 dB(C)).   The individual hearing protectors have to be used
3) The exposure limit values:    continuous noise: LEX,8h = 87 dB(A)    impulse noise: peak = 200 Pa (Lpeak = 140 dB(C)).   This exposure level shall not be exceeded. For the determination of the effective exposure, the attenuation provided by the protection devices is taken into account."

6. I have heard that Stalon silencer reduce the recoil, is that correct?

Answer: YES
Stalon silencer reduce the recoil of 40 - 55% depending on model and caliber.

7. I have two different rifles, can i use the same silencer for both rifles?

Of course, you can use the same silencer for both rifles.
As long as the thread is the same on both rifles and that the silencer is adapted to the rifle that is of the largest caliber.
However, the performance of the silencer will be limited for the rifle holding the smaller caliber.

Silencer:        Thread M14x1, caliber 6,5-7,62mm
Rifle nr.1:      Thread M14x1, caliber .308(7,62mm)
Rifle nr.2:     Thread M14x1, caliber .222(5,7mm)
Rifle nr.3:     Thread M15x1, caliber 8x57(8,0mm)

8. Do I get better accuracy with a Stalon silencer?

The short answer: YES

The long answer:
With the Stalon silencer, the sound, recoil and barrel flip are significantly reduced, which mainly means that you, as a user, can be more relaxed and thereby improve the accuracy of the shot.
In addition, the barrel's vibration (amplitude) and its movement decreases, which improves the accuracy and precision of the rifle itself.

9. Together with the silencer comes a barrel support, is it necessary to use it?

The purpose of the barrel support is to give the silencer a second (2: a) attachment point, an extra support point to ensure that the thread on the barrel is never damaged in the event of a fall accident or if you drop the weapon.
The barrel support is however not necessary for the silencer to work properly.

The barrel support should always be 0,5-0,7 mm larger than the diameter of the  rifle barrel.

10. How do i maintain the threads?

Maintaining your equipment at regular intervals is always a good idea in the long run.
In addition to our simple cleaning procedure, you can easily lubricate the thread with Stalon silencer grease on the rifle and if possible in the split section on the silencer.

Stalon silencer grease, 25g:
Apply the grease on the barrel thread
and on silencers with separated front
and back peice, excellent for
preventing rust and damages on the
threads when shooting and hunting.
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