Our machinery is mainly made up of lathes made by EMCO, the Austrian company that guarantees quality, reliability and excellent precision. All EMCO machines are equipped with a short bar feeder, which enables unmanned machining. We also have lathes from the American company Haas which contribute to ease of use and accuracy.

Emco Maxxturn 65


An effective and slightly larger machine that handles all machining with larger dimensions. Advanced control system that guides operators through complex processes and operations. The Siemens control system 840 SL and the stability of the machine both contribute to excellent precision.
This machine has operated tools, sub spindle and a Y-axis and C-axis in both spindles.

Emco Maxxturn 45


A compact machine that is very time-effective and fast. The Siemens 840 SL control system guides the operator in a smart, effective way, providing very rapid and complex processing combined with excellent precision.

Emco Turn 365



Our workhorse that has been around in the industry for a while. A very stable, reliable machine that takes slightly smaller dimensions.

Haas TL-2


A semi-automatic machine specially adapted to working with barrel threads. Haas is one of the largest manufacturers of CNC machines in the West, and offers many options for customisation.