About us

Stalon AB was founded in 1989.

Our goal is to develop continuously, and to offer up-to-date products so that you, our customers, continue to have confidence in us.

Stalon AB has excellent working relationships with other industrial companies in our municipality and region. We believe that collaborating with other companies as much as possible gives us real potential to grow as an industrial company in Norrland’s inland region. It is these fruitful collaborations that inspire us to invest for the future.

The owners of Stalon AB are positive about the future. Having a manufacturing industry in a rural area means that it feels natural to have an environmental policy; we are creating work for ourselves and – hopefully – for our children, so being surrounded by clean and unspoiled nature is one of our main goals.

The opportunity to live and work in Västerbotten’s stunning mountain world is an extraordinary plus. For this reason, it feels natural to put environmental issues high on the agenda.