Additional fronts



In order to optimise the hunting silencer for a variety of calibres, we offer you the chance to purchase an additional front part to fit an existing rear part of a silencer. This means that if you have two weapons of different calibres, you won’t need to buy two silencers; rather, you can choose to buy a complete silencer and then supplement it with an additional front for the other calibre. The serial number is engraved on the rear part of the silencer, which means that it is the rear part which is subject to licensing laws, and the front part can be replaced as needed.


Extra-long Silencer front, Stalon W

For stand hunters, we have developed a longer front with optimal noise reduction. This is also very effective at eliminating the muzzle flash, which is an advantage in wild boar hunting, for example. This front is 3.5 cm longer than the standard one, thereby lengthening the weapon by a total of 14.5 cm.

These fronts may also be used with older Stalon Whisper and Stalon Whisper Magnum models.


Extra-long silencer front Stalon Compact

For extra noise reduction on your Stalon Compact silencer, we have developed an extra-long front that can further reduce noise levels. The front panel is 3.2 cm longer than the standard front, thereby lengthening the weapon by a total of 17.2 cm. Total weight with extra-long front mounted: 360g


Whisper/Compact recoil front

Stalon silencers extra front

With this recoil front fitted onto one of Stalon’s silencers, an unlimited amount of shots can be fired at a shooting gallery/range without heat haze and recoil becoming a problem. The balance of the weapon remains the same as it would be with the normal silencer front mounted. This front works like a recoil brake and thereby does not reduce the noise level of the shot. The front is easily fixed onto the silencer and adjusted so that all the propellant gases blow straight out to the side. No exhaust is carried downwards, ensuring that neither grit nor dust are stirred up on the shooting range floor.